Bran Stormwind

Human Sorcerer Survivor


6’0”, 175 Lbs., black hair, 26 years old, small blue scales covering arms, legs, and torso, blue eyes, “scar” of blue scales over left eye and left side of his head.


Bran grew up on Perium with his mother and father, and his younger brother Ander. His family were fishermen and sailors, and Bran grew up learning the ways of the trade.

When Bran was 18, his brother Ander manifested the powers of a sorcerous bloodline in a spectacular fiery explosion at the docks where they were working in their home village of Skystead. The explosion attracted Inquisitors from the Order of Null, a group of extremists who seek to stamp out magic in almost all its forms. Bran bade Ander to run, and covered his escape by hampering the inquisitors with the fishing nets that he and Ander had been working on. Bran was taken prisoner by the inquisitors.

Over the next four years, the Order tortured Bran, attempting to gain information about their family history (so as to determine the source of Ander’s powers), as well as Ander’s location. One day, they pushed too hard, causing Bran to have an Awakening of his own. The electrical storm caused by his manifestation killed the Inquisitor and torturers, granting him an opportunity to escape. He did, and immediately set off searching for his brother.

Bran Stormwind

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