Strom Greatwolf

Human Barbarian Clan Leader


6’ 4”
270 lbs of pure muscle
35 years old
Long wavy dark brown hair
Steely Grey Eyes
Unkempt facial hair
A vertical scar under his right eye
5 parallel scars on right arm just below his shoulder
Loves his great axe


Leader of the Lupus tribe. The tribe, 30 strong at its highest, were strong hunters from the island of Perium, who followed the caribou between their summer northern range and winter southern range. The tribe had two permanent villages, one in the South and one in the North, consisting of small huts and palisade walls, both of which were called Homden. The tribe idealized the wolf, both for their hunting and the social hierarchy, and they considered them kin.

Strom became leader of the tribe after his father’s death, and lead the tribe for nearly a decade. But he was never one for critical thinking and this ultimately lead to the destruction of his tribe after multiple incidents that slowly decreased the population of the tribe.

With the tribe’s numbers dwindled to 15, including Strom, his wife, and his son, the tribe was travelling between there settlements following the caribou. One day, one of the hunting parties were tracking a small off-shoot of the herd, when they found their prey slaughtered and eaten, with little left of the carcasses. They had seen this before; it was the work of the legendary Otava. Otava was a giant Grizzly bear of monstrous size, temper, and appetite. It had been avoided by the tribe for the past 15 years, since it had first been encountered, and killed both expeditions sent to take down the beast.

Knowing of the legend the men retreated back to camp where they informed Strom and advised him that they should leave it be and carry on their way in the morning. But Strom had other ideas. And after dinner he set off to find the beast without telling anyone where he was going. He found the tracks at the site of the slaughter and tracked the bear back to its den. But the great bear was not there, only 3 large cubs. Apparently Otava was female, and Strom feared what these cubs would grow to become, being the spawn of such a monster. So he killed them. They put up little fight, with only one of the cubs even giving Strom a scratch.

Afterward Strom made his way back the camp, having not encountered the bear, but with wonderful news of the destruction of the monster’s offspring. With everyone asleep, he went to bed and would tell his tale in the morning.

Shortly before morning Strom was awoken by screams. Otava had followed Strom back to the camp, determined to find the slayer of her cubs. Strom quickly jumped into action to fight the bear. With some of his people already lying dead, he fought to save the rest. Fighting the bear, he lured it to the edge of a small cliff, which they built their camp at the top of so they could keep an eye on the caribou in the valley below. With the intent to send the bear over the cliff he backed the bear closer and closer to the edge with every swing of his axe in front of the great beast. But just as the bear reached the edge it swung at him and caught him on the arm and batted him over the edge instead.

The next thing he knew he was waking up at the bottom of the cliff with a cut under his right eye and a claw mark on his right arm just below the shoulder. When he made his way back up to the camp he found everyone either lying dead or missing. There was blood smears on the ground as it appeared the bear had dragged off the bodies of multiple members of his tribe. He found the body of his wife, but not his son. He tried to follow the bears tracks but lost the trail at a stream, so he checked the den, but there was nothing but the bodies of the cubs. He searched for weeks but never found the bear again.

Strom Greatwolf

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