The Æquintei Archipelago

The Æquintei Archipelago is a collection of islands, located in the center of the  Sea of Origin. The archipelago is located North of the equator on the world of Eiön, and is surrounded by thousands of miles of open waters. The island's peoples are entirely self sufficient, and to see someone not native to the archipelago is extremely rare.

Geography and Environment

The flora, fauna, and biomes, that comprise each island vary wildly from one to the next. The commonly accepted reason for this is that Æquintei acted as the palette for the gods during Eiön's beginnings, thus making it the first land that the gods made rise from the sea.

There are five islands that make up the archipelago:

Island Nickname Largest City Area
Ævum The Isle of Life Vitæ 63,047 sq mi
Præmus The Primal Land Nissia 23,179 sq mi
Rubia Land of Fury Hellsmouth 29,983 sq mi
The Isle of Death Rogueport 32,595 sq mi
Perium The Isle of Order Fort Æcris 41,297 sq mi


The five islands that comprise the Æquintei Archipelago are not entirely alone in the Sea of Origin. Although the nearest continents are thousands of miles away, there are a hundereds of small islets and sandbars, mostly to the South East. They vary in size from a mere 10 sq mi, up to around 1,000 sq mi at the largest. The people of Æquintei refer to these small collections of islands as the Seawilds.


Each of the islands in the archipelago has their own regional temperature and weather that varies greatly from the other four.

The one constant that effects all islands equally is what the islanders refer to as the Grand Storm. This swirling mass of lightning, rain and wind, has existed at the center of archipelago since time immemorial.


There is little recorded history that goes beyond 1,000 years ago on Æquintei. This point of first recorded history is where the Æquinteian Calendar begins, and few beings exist on the islands who know what came before. The era before this time is simply referred to as the Lost Ages.


Over the past centuries, many of the islands made war upon one another. This was a tumultuous time wherein bonds were constantly being forged then broken. Alliances would be made, only to have those same allies suddenly be enemies in weeks time.

This pattern finally came to an end ninety-seven years ago when the Ævumite Empire brokered a peace between all five Islands. Since then the archipelago has enjoyed a somewhat tense peace, allowing for trade to prosper and industry to grow.

The Æquintei Archipelago

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